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Install And Use ChatGpt For SEO Canonical Category Silo Structure | Search Optimizer Services,Guides And Tutorials

How to Download and use Chat GPT to use for DIY Search Optimizing

This will be a short in-depth series on how to Use ChatGpt for DIY SEO for any website subject for the following studies .With this series you will no longer need a paid search optimizer subscription with any company and will be able to do DIY SEO on your own

I will be showing you how to use Chat GPT to do quick,easy, simple in-depth research for any site for the following –

  1. Collecting of URLS using Chat GPT from any site whether your own site or from a competitors site.
  2. Changing those collected URLs into a list of Canonical titles for future use in SEO optimizing using Chat GPT.
  3. Enhancing those collected Canonical Titles into a list of more SEO friendly Canonical Titles that will be used to help your sites ranking in Google Search Results.
  4. Taking those enhanced Canonical Titles and creating individual lists of new keyword enhanced sub titles pertaining to each of those titles.
  5. Creating a full list of Keywords related to the web sites subject matter.
  6. Having Chat GPT create a list of urls for use as outbound links from your web site .
  7. Create full complete articles for your web site.

This first video is from Tim Harris's You tube site to explain how to set up Chat Gpt on you computer .

Learn how to use Chat GPT! You’ll see how to register or download chat GPT, how to login to chat gpt and you’ll see the Chat GPT web app tour.

I show some chat gpt examples as well. You can use GPT chat on your computer or phone, whether it be iPhone, android, Mac or Windows.

We’ll use the chat gpt website in this Chat GPT tutorial for beginners, chat gpt explained.

Make money with ChatGPT by combining it with these two tools: PICTORY (Automatic AI Video Editing): SPEECHELO (Text to AI Voice):

NEW – Check out and download this functional Chat GPT App (for iPhone and Android) that leverages the best features of Chat GPT to generate answers BETTER than just the Chat GPT interface itself:

The following video will be explaining how to get the Site map of your site or competitors site and then extracting the urls using Chat GPT.

Video #1 =

  • After extracting the urls Chat separates them into a list .
  • I then direct Chat to separate the canonical titles from the url list.
  • After the canonical list is made I direct Chat to change each canonical title in the list into a more SEO friendly canonical title .

When doing this be aware that when asking chat to make titles SEO friendly it may take that request literally and only make them sound friendly and not SEO optimized. Another way of stating request is to ask chat to make titles as SEO Optimized.

Warning !

Be aware that when changing title names for your own web sites pages or posts that you may lose url link to said page or post so remember to do a url redirect if necessary.

I use Rank Math SEO plugin for my wordpress sites and it has a automatic redirect but I always check anyways.

If you are intent on changing the canonical titles to new suggested titles that Chat has created then also check your menu items for changes and also urls redirects.

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